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Psychology ­ Gender


- Males = XY chromosomes
- Females = XX chromosomes
- 23 pairs of chromosomes
- When an embryo is first being born, all children essentially look feminine. The production of
hormones determines whether the embryo is male or female.
- Hormones are produced…

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that men are meant to be bread winners and women nurturers. A problem with the division
of labour is there may be other reasons why the Neandethals died out ­ main reason is that
they were pushed out of their environment. An implication of the evolutionary explanation of
gender roles…

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and 83% of women said they were empathisers. However could this be due to demand
characteristics? And is autism simply an extreme male brain?
- 5. Tend and Befriend. Women are more focused on interpersonal concerns than men. In the
EEA (environment of evolutionary adaptation), men had to deal with…

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identities in the classroom. Connell argues that schools `enforce gender regimes' nothing
that boys are more likely to drop out of school, do less well academically and are more likely
to have behavioural and learning problems.
- 4. The Media. In Western Cultures, by the time a young person reaches…

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and renamed him Brenda in order to start the procedure of his gender reassignment. Money
partook in much psychological work Brenda, trying to help him to accept his new gender
identity. However, Brenda became severely depressed, and as an adult he ran away and
reassigned himself as a man (david)…

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hair = a girl), however they do not necessarily understand that gender is fixed throughout
life; some little girls think that if they cut their hair short, they will become a boy. Thompson
(1975) found that two year olds were 76% correct in identifying their own sex and three

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mainly related to their own gender. 3. From about 3 years onwards, they can make these
inferences about the opposite gender.
- EVALUATION OF GENDER SCHEMA THEORY. This theory explains why children's gender role
beliefs and attitudes once formed are often quite rigid and unchanging ­ because schema
consistent information…

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were exposed to dioxins (which can promote oestrogen) displayed female play styles.
However, just because they have more feminie play styles does not mean they suffer G.D.
Also, it could never be proved that feminine play styles are a result of toxin pollution.
- 2. Intersex conditions. AIS (androgen Insensitivity…




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