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Rights and Responsibility

Moral decisions
How Christians make moral decisions? Moral decisions are when you have to decide
what is the right or wrong thing to do.
Bible the holy book of Christians with 66 books split into the Old and New
Churchthe community of Christians (small c means…

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All humans have a conscience which distinguishes between right and wrong. So some
Christians only follow their conscience because:
They believe God speaks to them the voice of conscience is the same as voice
of God
The Church says Christians should follow their conscience
St Paul taught that it…

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Some rights cause problems for Christians:
When homosexuals and women want to have equal rights in religion.
Some are against the right to marry a person from different faith.
Some are against the right of gay people to raise a family, they believe children
should be brought up by a…

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Christians for GE:
Jesus was a healer and Christians should do all they can to cure diseases.
Improving human life is what God wants us to do as stewards of his creation.
They accept most of nonreligious arguments for GE

Christians against GE:
`Playing God' sin
It is wrong to…

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Eutrophication: Running off fertilisers into rivers causing algae bloom, killing fishes
and making the water poisonous.

Some natural resources like oil, gas, coal and hard wood are nonrenewable as they are
running out they can only be used once and are finite.
Renewable resources can be used over and…

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Medical Issues

Infertility has become much more of a problem in the western world. It is part of
human nature to want to have children and raise a family, after all this is the way the
species survives
Psychological problems are caused if couples are desperate to have children but…

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It encourages the sale of organs from LDCs to the West.

Some Christians agree with transplant surgery, but would disagree with organs being
bought from poor people, because:
Those who believe in resurrection believe that God wouldn't need organs to raise
the body.
Jesus said `Love thy neighbour' Leaving organs…

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They would agree with all the nonreligious arguments for transplants.

Peace and Conflict

The UN
The UN was formed after WW2. The aim of them was to preserve world peace and to
remove the causes of conflict encouraging economic, social and educational progress
throughout the world, especially in the LDCs.…

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Political differences Different political views between countries

Theory of just war
In certain circumstances war is unavoidable and so can be justified. The theory used to
decide whether a war is justified is known as the just war theory.
A war is just if:
Fought by the authority of…

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Muslim views against war:
A growing number of Muslims believe that war is never the right response. They believe
this, because:
Peace and reconciliation is at the heart of Islam
Modern weapons cannot possibly be used in a way that is compatible with the
Muslim rules about fighting in a…


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