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Unit 4- Community
Cohesion…read more

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Sexism- Discrimination against people because of
their gender
In the UK, women have always had the right to own
property and earn money
The Sex Discrimination Act (1975) meant that it was
illegal to discriminate in jobs on grounds of sex
Women had to do men's jobs in the war and they did
them really well
The Equal Pay Act (1970) meant that women were
given equal pay to men doing the same job
In the past, it was always believed that women
should stay at home and look after the children…read more

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Women in Church
For women in church Against women in church
The church is run by men. It is time for Jesus was a man. He had male disciples,
women to have equality not females
Women are more compassionate and We have always had men in the role. We
caring than men to help with people's can't just change it to suit our view today
Male priests was a rule made by men so it Women preachers were not accepted at
CAN change the time of Jesus
God has no gender. Women will upset a lot of old people. They
are not used to the idea
Jesus did have women followers
Women priests can bring different things
to the job than men
Lots of women help with churches now, so
by becoming priests, they wouldn't make a
difference…read more

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Religion and Women
What the Bible says about women:
- Women to be silent in church
- Rules written by men
- Women meant to be equal
- Should be obedient to men
- Women menstruate so they are `unclean'
- Women have to walk behind their men
Bible references:
1) OT Genesis chapter 1 verse 27 ­ says men
and women are equal
2) NT Romans chapter 7 verse 2 ­ says women
belong to their husbands
3) NT Timothy chapter 2 verses 11-14 ­ says
men come first and are better than women…read more

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Prejudice and Discrimination
Prejudice- to judge someone Discrimination- to ACT upon your
because of the way you FEEL about feelings
For Example: For Example:
- "All old people are moody" - "Your fat, so leave the country"
- "Hitler hated Jews" - "I wont hire that person
- "All blondes are stupid" because they are too old"…read more

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This is a CLOSED view on something, where your attitude is not base on reason or logic. Its
your view, and you stick to it, even if someone logically proves is wrong.
Its an attitude of FEAR- a fear of something that you don't know much about. If your minds
close you don't agree with this view.
CLOSED VIEW: Islam is... OPEN VIEW: Islam is...
Very strict rules that cannot be broken Interesting and forward-looking
Separate from other cultures Shared aims and views with other cultures
Not as good as Britain or America Different to US and UK, but not inferior
with them
Political ideas to control people A real religious faith, practised sincerely
by Muslims…read more

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