Unit 3D: Quotes

Here are just a few quotes for Structure of International Politics (UNIT 3D)

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NICOLLO MACHIAVELLI (classical realist)
"it is better to be feared than to be loved"
"fickle, hypocritically and greedy of gain"
War "can only be postponed to the advantage of others"
"good laws and good arms"
KENNETH WALTZ (neorealist)
KARL MARX (socialist)
"religion is the opium of the masses" and "the sigh of the oppressed culture"
"happiness for the people is abolition of religion"
Communism "haunting Europe"
Human beings are "political animal"
"money is the reason we fight"
THOMAS HOBBES (neorealist)
"a war of all against all"
IMMANUEL KANT (idealist)
"democratic peace thesis"
NOAM CHOMSKY (structuralist)
On 9/11 ­ "that's the way the way the imperial powers have treated the rest of the
world for years"
USA is "one of the worst terrorist states in the world" to stop terrorism "stop
participating in it"
CloCiv is only justification" for any atrocities that they wanted to carry out"
EDWARD SAID (idealist)
"unbalanced power constitutes a danger even when it's American power"

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