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Importance of the Hispanic vote:
Fastest growing + biggest ethnic vote 12%
Sleeping giant = important voting block
Typically = Dem = immigration
Young block = no traditional party allegiance = volatile
Many = Catholic = Dems but 2004 Bush supported = pro life and anti same sex marriage = Gods, Gay, Guns
Both parties want to woo= Bush starting speech in Spanish and Obama nominated Sonia Stotomayor for Supreme
court 2009
Importance of their vote = live in swing states e.g.…read more

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High levels of incumbency = apathy + lead to a ECV, "winner takes all", "wasted votes" ­ ECV
lack of incentive to vote e.g. 2008 reelections favours two parties e.g.…read more

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TV debate obama wasted no time mentioning Bush =
Dem's who supported Hilary Clinton during primaries
"your president, who you said you agreed with 90% = supported obama
of the time" ­ obama mentioned Bush x12
9/11 in 2004, recession in 2008, in place before obama
circumstances i.e.…read more

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Enhance participation:
Yes No
Parties big tent but leave holes = don't Some = legitimate concerns but some = private
represent all = pgs allows USA to campaign on interest business groups = contrary to broader
specific issue e.g.…read more

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Good Bad
Oder to debate, By collating the voice of their Iron Triangles = military complex = legislators,
members and supporters they will be able to national armed forces, and the defense
get their voices heard AARP = 40,000 ,000 industrial base
enhance participation = Most signed to 3+PGs = Special intrest vs public ­ NRA turned case than
seen as valuable form of participation bans firearms in a 10 mile radus of school
Dahl = 1st amendment = right to petition the Mills…read more


Old Sir

There are some very useful references in this survey of factors affecting US voting behaviour. Students should beware of the occasional spelling error and will want to explore some of the examples referred to in more detail, but these notes offer a sound starting point.

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