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People Management…read more

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Organisational Structures
Structure Matrix Structure
Hierarchical structure
Flat Structure…read more

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Organisational Structures
Organisational Matrix Structure
+Simple and easy to follow + good communication
and responsibility is
- Lack of communication divided between
between employees employees.
higher up and lower down
in business. - Hard to follow.
Flat Structure Hierarchical structure
+good communication
between employees + easy to understand
- One person has to take - Lack of communication
control of all business…read more

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Different types of motivation:
· Money
· Enjoy being with other people
· For sense of status/importance
· To satisfy ambition
If workers are not motivated they tend to:
· Produce poor quality products
· Be more careless
· Have high rates of absenteeism
This is Maslow's Hierachy of Needs.
If workers are motivated they tend to: He believed people worked up.
· More productive
· Be enthusiastic and offer ideas.
· Work more effectively…read more

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Communication is a process which enables information to be passed from one
person/group to another.
There are three main methods: One way and two way communication:
· Written · One way is when the receiver of a
message has no chance to reply or
· Verbal
respond to the message.
· Visual ·Two way is when communication is
Poor communication: where there is an opportunity for the
· Language problems/cultural differences receiver to give a reply or response.
· Lack of interest Advantage and disadvantage of two way:
· Competing environment (background noise) · Good communication between
Advantages of good communication: employees
·Allows employees to argue and have
· Tasks get done effectively and efficiently
· Creates good employee relations. Advantage and Disadvantage of one way:
· Doesn't allow employees to argue
· Bad communication between employees…read more

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Remuneration…read more


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