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Edexcel GCSE Religious Studies
Unit 3
Marriage and the Family

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Key Words

Adultery: A sexual act between a married person and someone other
than their marriage partner.
Civil Partnership: A legal ceremony giving a homosexual couple similar
legal rights as a husband and wife.
Cohabitation: Living together without being married.
Contraception: Living together without being married.
Faithfulness: Staying with your…

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Most people
would be married
by the age of 25.
Most young
people would People would
not have sex have just one or
until they were two sexual partners in a
married. lifetime.

Most people Most households
would be married would be a nuclear
in a church. family.
Some people…

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Marriage or Cohabitation

Marriage Cohabitation
`The legal joining `Living together
together of two as a couple
people as a without being
couple.' married.'

· Marriage is different, much deeper and · Living together is an excellent way to
much more than living with someone. see if you are compatible.


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Christianity and Sex Outside of Marriage
Christianity believes
Pre-marital Sex: these relationships
`Having sex before are wrong because:
getting married.'
· Sex was given by God
for procreation
Promiscuity: `Having within marriage.
sex with a number of `Creation of Humanity '
partners without Genesis Ch 1 & 2
wanting a…

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Christianity and Sex Outside of Marriage

· The Church should
Some Christians accept that
come to terms with
couples may live together before
modern life and accept
marriage, but they would say the
this form of commitment.
couple should be committed to
each other and marry when they · Jesus…

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Christian Wedding Service
`For this reason, a man · Welcome by the Priest.
will leave his father and - Acts as God's representative.
mother and be united
with his wife, and they · Talk on Marriage.
will become one flesh.' - It's importance to God.
Genesis 2:24
· Bible readings.…

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The Purposes of Christian Marriage

· A life-long
· Support and · To have and bring
relationship of
comfort for one up children in a
love and
another. Christian family.

· to honour and protect you · to love and to cherish you

· to remain
· to committed…

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Divorce: `The legal separation of a married couple.'
Marriage is a legally binding agreement and so divorce
must be a legal separation.
The `Family Law
Act 1996', states
the marriage
must have Unreasonable
irretrievably Behaviour
broken down.
The person
requesting the
divorce must
prove, to a court

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Faithfulness: `Staying with your marriage partner and only
having sex with them.'
Re-Marriage: `Marrying again after a divorce.'

In 1936 King Edward VIII was forced
to give up his position as King as he
fell in love and wanted to marry an
American divorced woman,
Mrs Wallace Simpson.

In 2005…


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