Unit 3 - Eating Behaviour: Role of Neural Mechanisms in Controlling Eating - Key Terms

Key Terms for A2 AQA Psychology, Unit 3 Eating Behaviour - The Role of Neural Mechanisms Involved in Controlling Eating & Satiation (Pg152-158 AQA)

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13 ­ Biological Explanations of
eating behaviour
Role of neural mechanisms involved in controlling
eating and satiation
For A2 AQA Psychology A…read more

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How the body maintains a constant
internal environment; the best
example is body temperature,
which is regulated around a set-
point of 98.6 degrees F…read more

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Chemical that are vital in enabling
nutrients in our diet, such as
carbohydrates and proteins, to be
broken down so that they can be
absorbed into the body…read more

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Amino Acids
During digestion food is broken down
into basic units. Proteins are broken
down into amino acids so that they
can be absorbed into the body and
then used as building blocks for the
proteins that the body needs…read more

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Part of the digestive system
connecting the mouth to the
stomach…read more

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Food leaving stomach enters the
duodenum, the first part of the
small intestine…read more

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