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Key Question 2: Why did people settle and stay in the West?

What was the importance of the belief in Manifest Destiny?

By 1853 the USA had rights to owning the whole of North America yet feared that
unless the land was filled by White Americans,…

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were willing to pay anything and consequently not having enough supplies.
Alternatively they could get too much and would suffer under the extra unnecessary
weight. This was a problem which the Donner Party (1846) faced, as their wagons had
built in beds. Another problem was date of departure. Successful parties…

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Brigham Young took over as leader of the Mormons decided that the Mormons
needed an area of land which was uninhabited and the Mormons could live alone free
from persecution surrounding their beliefs. He decided to move to the Great Salt
Lake on the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. The…

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sod house and no money. However new machinery was brought to the west in the
1880's allowing homesteaders to harvest over ten times as much as normal. Wind
Pumps were used to raise water from deep below the ground. Barbed Wire protected
homesteads cheaply and efficiently. Railroads allowed equipment and…


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