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Psychology Unit 2 (G542)
Approaches and Perspectives
with their
Strengths and Weaknesses…read more

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Approach…read more

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The mind functions in a manner similar to
that of a computer: inputting, storing and
retrieving data.
Behaviour can largely be explained in terms
of how the mind operates.…read more

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It is very scientific in the methods it uses
It has many useful applications Loftus &
It has contributed well to our understanding
of the human phenomenon Baron-Cohen.
It has integrated well with other studies
Savage-Rumbaugh.…read more

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It can be over simplistic- ignores the
complexities of human functioning compared
to a computer Baron-Cohen.
It can be unrealistic with studies lacking
ecological validity Savage-Rumaugh.
It ignores emotion and free will in humans
Baron-Cohen.…read more

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Approach…read more

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