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Who can make a difference? (ISSUE 1)
Who holds power in the UK?
The concept and nature of power
Power is the ability to achieve certain aims and politics concerns the use of power in order to govern. Power
can be attained in a number of ways: Age, expertise, persuasion,…

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As the economic power of a state becomes more interdependent on the power of other states it
becomes difficult to predict and manage spending on its domestic affairs as its government budget can be
affected by world events or changes in global market.

So the UK government is able to…

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There relationship is very complex still. The government and political parties use the media to
release information to the electorate. Sometimes the way the government package the information is often a
subject which is accused of containing `Political Spin'. This is careful management of the timing, tone, and
content of…

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Councillor within a Single tier has to represent the interests and views of the citizens in their ward to the
local authority, and so does the Councillor within a two tier.

What is the impact of the European Union on the life in the UK?
EU was created in the…

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Environment: EU member states are obligated to clean up their beaches to be good for holiday makers
and the environment. By increasing the amount of energy produced by renewable sources the EU aim to cut
its energy consumption by 20%.

How can I make a difference?
Playing your part: how…

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In order to be able to vote in a parliamentary election in the UK you must Be on electoral register, Be over
18 years of age, Be a British Citizen, Not be disqualified from voting (Prisoners, citizens of EU states,
members of House Of Lords). You must first appear on…

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Pressure groups are arguably more successful if they work closely with the government. Although some feel
that to align closely with government is to lose trust and support of members who are mistrusting of the
`establishment'. Credibility could also seen to be lost if they work to closely with government.…

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A Demonstration attracts attention and provides a clear visual image of the level of support behind a
campaign. They are like petitions but evidence can be seen `in the flesh' which can be influential.
Demonstrations allow citizens to clearly state their feelings towards a situation if government are failing to…

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to pay people in market research to make them a more well known campaign. Greater funding allows more
ways to contact citizens. A campaign with large capital can also afford to pay for political consultancies to
lobby government competently and arguably with a greater chance of success.
The Media can…

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Groups using such dynamic tactics struggle to be an insider group as they tend embarrass government
or undermine its power. However, these tactics are incredibly successful in gaining press attention and
publicity. This may garner support or interest in the group.
Highly successful in focusing attention on the difficulties…


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