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What is stress?
The response that occurs when we think we can't cope with the pressures in our environment. Very
dependent on cognitive processes.…read more

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The survival value of stress
During our evolution many threats to us would have been from predators or other physical
dangers. So, to successfully respond to them, we would have required the energy to fight
them, or run away ­ the fight or flight system. However, in modern society, stressors are
more likely to be psychological than physical, and are more long term, therefore the physical
stress response is not really needed, and in the long term, may actually be quite harmful to
our bodies.…read more

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Stress and the immune system
Stress and ulcers…read more

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Life Changes…read more

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Daily Hassles
Stress in Workplace…read more

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Personality Types
Hardiness…read more

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Gender and Stress
Culture and stress…read more

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Biological Stress Management
Drug treatments: slow down the activity of the CNS (anti-anxiety drugs called BZs increase
the body's reaction to GABA [a natural anxiety relieving chemical], which slows down the
activity of neurones making us feel relaxed).
Reduce the activity of the SNS (the SNS increases heart rate and blood pressure and levels
of cortisol. High levels of cortisol can make our immune system weak and also cause heart
disease. The drugs that reduce this are known as beta blockers).…read more


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