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Plant Cell Structure

This unit develops the knowledge gained in both GCSE and Unit One of AS ­ the basic
structure of an animal cell. Plant cells like animal cells have a Nucleus, mitochondria, cell
membrane and cytoplasm. They also contain:

A Cell Wall: - a tough layer made…

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minerals into the xylem

Xylem: specialised conducting cells, with strengthened walls
and hollow ends that provide a continuous pathway for
water transport

Phloem: transports sugars and other organic materials
around the plamt.

Guard cell: can change
shape to open or close the

The cell wall:
The cell wall is…

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Chloroplasts are organelles that contain all the pigments, enzymes and other substances
needed for photosynthesis. They are found mainly in the palisade cells of the leaf. Key
features include:

A large internal surface area so that as much chlorophyll as possible comes into
contact with light
A flattened shape to…


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