Unit 2 AQA Biology - Blood Vessels

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Blood vessels
Arteries: Carry blood away from the heart
Arterioles: Control blood flow from arteries to capillaries
Capillaries: Link arterioles to veins
Veins: Carry blood towards the heart
Structure of blood vessels:
Tough outer layer ­ resists pressure
Muscle layer ­ can contract and control the flow of blood
Elastic layer ­ can stretch and recoil to maintain blood pressure
Endothelium ­ smooth layer to prevent friction
Lumen ­ not a layer ­ a cavity

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Thick muscle layer ­ control the flow of blood
Thick elastic layer ­ smooth surges from the heart
No valves
Thicker muscle layer than arteries
Thinner elastic layer than arteries
No valves
Thin muscle layer
Thin elastic layer
No muscle
No elastic
No valves
Thin layer of cells only
How does this relate to its function?
Thin layer of cells ­ short diffusion distance.
Numerous and highly branched ­ large SA for diffusion.
Narrow diameter ­ keep all cells close by.…read more


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