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Socially constructed concept (created and defined by society)
Child centred society ­ society is now much more based around children
(e.g. specialist child doctors, own magazines, books, television shows
and toys, laws to protect children, own food, school protection officers
Seen as a time…

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Legal contract between two people (traditionally between two people
of each sex)
On the decline due to people taking it more seriously and secularisation
(the decline in the church)


1981 ­ 60% marriages were in church

2001 ­ 40% of marriages were in church

1971 ­ Average age…

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Power in the household

Division of labour
Gender roles ­ Women: emotional role, childcare and housework, work.
Men: decision making, financial role etc.


Young and Willmott ­ 1950s Bethnal Green Study (research released in
1973). Asked 40 men if they do any housework. The question was very vague,

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Demographic trends

Shifts in the population
Birth rate ­ the number of live births per 1000 of the population over a
Fertility rate ­ number of live births per 1000 woman aged between 15
and 44 over a year
Death rate ­ number of deaths per 1000 of the…

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People living longer ­ life expectancy is 80 for women and 75 for men
UK see's old people as a liability
Living longer due to ­ better healthcare, welfare state (pensions etc),
better diet and exercise, better hygiene, jobs less physical, no recent
world war


Legal end to a…


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