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Disruption of
EMILY…read more

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Disruption of Attachment
Bowlby's theory suggests that attachment is essential
for healthy social and emotional development.
It therefore follows that a disruption of an already
formed attachment may have a negative effect.…read more

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The Strange Situation
Ainsworth's strange situation showed that physical
separation from a primary attachment figure can be
However, in many cases, some degree of physical
separation is unavoidable.…read more

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Why is this information important?
Psychologists are interested to discover the effects of
separation in order to provide important advice to
parents, hospitals, day care facilities and so on about
how a child's social and emotional development should
be safeguarded when attachment is disrupted.…read more

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SEPARATION…read more

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Spitz & Wolf 1946
Observed 100 `normal' children who were placed in an
institution ­ they became severely depressed within
These effects were surprising at the time ­ no one
before had considered the effects of separation on
infants and children.…read more

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