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Unit 1 Physics
Hope this helps…read more

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Unit Physics 1
· The first half of this power point is for Unit
1a, the second part is for Unit 1b…read more

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Sometimes we want to transfer heat
effectively from one place to another.
· At other times we want to reduce the rate
of heat loss as much as we can.
· To be able to do either of these things we
need to know how heat is transferred and
which methods of heat transfer are most
important in particular cases.…read more

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to evaluate ways in which heat is transferred in
and out of bodies
and ways in which the rates of these transfers
can be reduced.
­ Thermal (infra red) radiation is the transfer of energy
by electromagnetic waves.
­ All bodies emit and absorb thermal radiation.
­ The hotter a body is the more energy it radiates.
­ Dark, matt surfaces are good absorbers and good
emitters of radiation.
­ Light, shiny surfaces are poor absorbers and poor
emitters of radiation.…read more

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The transfer of energy by conduction and convection
involves particles and how this transfer takes place.
­ Under similar conditions different materials
transfer heat at different rates.
­ The shape and dimensions of a body affect
the rate at which it transfers heat.…read more

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The bigger the temperature difference between a body and
its surroundings, the faster the rate at which heat is
transferred.…read more

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