unit 1- persons checklist

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· The characteristics associated with personhood, Locke's definition
such as: Singer's definition etc.
rationality; being reflective about one's experiences,
feelings and motives as well as those of others;
The quorum effect
possessing a network of beliefs; self awareness and
awareness of oneself as a continuing subject of
experience; creativity, autonomy and/or individuality, Numerical vs. qualitative identity
one who shapes themselves through choices, goals,
actions and reactions and is responsible, accountable
and possesses rights in virtue of this; one who is
embodied, one to whom we ascribe mental and
physical characteristics; a language user, able to
communicate meanings; a social being, one whose
sense of self emerges in and is created through
relationships with others.
· The concept of a person as a natural Locke's definition: a collection of natural properties which together supply the
phenomenon and as primitive. We generally necessary and sufficient conditions of personhood
identify persons before applying the above criteria.
Yet these characteristics are possessed as a
matter of degree: we have the concepts of Person/self as logically primitive ­ irreducible to a set of natural properties, either
complex and diminished persons; potential and psychological or physical.
ex-persons. Descartes, Kant, Strawson, Madell
· The notion that not all humans are persons and, Aliens, androids, dolphins, chimps (spirits?) may be persons
perhaps, that some non-humans are persons. Coma victims, Alzheimer's sufferers, embryos, may not be

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To what extent do some non-human animals and Freedom
some machines possess at least some Reason
characteristics associated with personhood and to a
sufficient degree for personhood?
What secures our personal identity through time? Moral conscience
Self awareness
Relationships etc.
Locke (pro psychological)
· Whether either physical or psychological Memory fragmentary, partial, minute
continuity through time are necessary or sufficient Attitudes trump memory ­ persons may survive amnesia
conditions of identity.…read more


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