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Ability to recreate a visual image
Show the following design
to the class for 5 minutes.
Ask students to try and
remember the design.…read more

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What is MEMORY?
Memory ­
internal record of
some prior event or
experience; a set of
mental processes
that receives,
encodes, stores,
organizes, alters,
and retrieves
information over
time.…read more

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Three Stages of Memory
· Stage 1 - Sensory Memory is a brief
representation of a stimulus while
being processed in the sensory system
· Stage 2 - Short-Term Memory (STM)
is working memory
­ Limited capacity (7 items)
­ Duration is about 30 seconds
· Stage 3 - Long-Term Memory (LTM)
is large capacity and long duration…read more

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Integrated Model Concepts
· Encoding ­ process
of translating info into
neural codes
(language) that will be
retained in memory
· Storage ­ the
process of retaining
neural coded info over
· Retrieval ­ the
process of recovering
info from memory
storage…read more

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