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Family and households:
Achieved status ­ a position in society which is earned through your own merit

Ageing population ­ where the average age of the population is rising, with declining proportion of
young people

Age patriarchy ­ the domination of adults over children

Ascribed status ­ a position in…

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Domestic abuse ­ actions which are damaging to current or former partners in an intimate

Domestic violence ­ actions involving the use of force or the threat of force against current or
former partners in an intimate relationship which are harmful to the other partner

Dual burden ­ person…

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Joint conjugal roles ­ relationship between husband and wife in which both do some paid work and
some housework and provide childcare. Often share leisure time as well

Late modernity ­ according to Giddens, the most recent phase in the development of modernity

Life course analysis ­ an approach focussing…

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Secularisation ­ the decline in the importance and influence of religion and its institutions in society

Separation/Desertion ­ where one partner walks out on the other but there is no divorce

Separatism ­ a Radical Feminist idea that women should live independently of men as the only way
to free…


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