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Evaluation of Studies and Theories- Social/Cognitive Psychology


Strengths Weaknesses

The study was a lab experiment, so was Participants were seriously deceived,
tightly controlled. many were caused a great deal of
The study acts as a warning about society stress- the ethical issues were too great.
about its potential to…

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Strengths Weaknesses

Vulnerable to extraneous variables, as it Participants were unaware of
was not carefully controlled. participation in the experiment, so
Less possibility of demand characteristics hadn't given informed consent, and
as boys were unaware of participation. were not given the right to withdraw.
Sherif had some control over variables,…

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The controls make the experiment more your head you are more likely to
replicable (reliable). remember it.

Godden and Baddeley

Strengths Weaknesses

Research took place in a real life Procedure of learning a list of words is
situation, which is more ecologically valid not an everyday task so lacks mundane…

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Strengths Weaknesses

Explains why people who have suffered It is ethically wrong to traumatise
trauma block it out. participants to find out if repression
Evidence to suggest it exists, Walker- via exists.
diary studies, happy memories were The unconscious mind is very hard to
recalled much clearer than unhappy study.…


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