Unit 1 early 20th century USA

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Unit 3: The years of prosperity, 191929
Where was there growth and development growth of suburbia, cars,
consumer goods, electrical power, new forms of entertainment?
The reasons for the economic growth new technology, development of
credit, advertising
The role of the government in the economy laissezfaire but also
protection. The impact of these, did they create and perpetuate the
Winners large number but also losers agriculture, particularly share
croppers, old industries, e.g. coal and textiles, Did all Americans share
the effects of the boom? What was the extent of the boom?
Key Dates
1919 troops return
1920 first radio station begins broadcasting in Pittsburg
1921 Warren Harding takes over as president and Andrew Mellon
becomes Treasury secretary
1922 FordneyMcCumber Tariff
1923 Harding dies, replaced by vice president
1924 Peak year for Ford's Model T
1926 NBC established as a nationwide broadcaster
1927 First Talkie
1928 23 million cars on the roads of the USA
1929 Herbert Hoover takes over as President.
Boom Years
General mood of optimism after the war, many believed that life could only get
better. With the changes, under lay the process of urbanisation.
Urban Development


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