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Learning Theory Evolutionary Theory Secure+Insecure Ainsworth Studies Cultural
Attachments 1. Parent + kid play. Variation-Attachment
All behaviour is learned. 1. Adaptive ­ attachments are 2. Parent sits, infant plays. Individualistic: independence +
Classical conditioning adaptive, make us more likely to Secure Attachment 3. Stranger enters + talks to parent. more…

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relationships. (Rutter and Media influence
Quinton) Culture bias
Different for different countries
Disruptions Of Attachment Failure To Form Effects Of Impact of Day-care Effects On Aggression +
- Deprivation Attachments-Privation Institutionalisation Peer Relations
Day-care: Care for children under
Short-Term Effects: Isolated children: -Hodges and Tizard school age, generally at a…

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Can't be sure that the kids did
not form attachments.
Institutional care has changed.


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