Current, Potential Difference and Resistance.

A Good break down of the first part of Unit 1's Electricity and Circuits.

Complete with Formulas and a Graph diagram.

Try to understand it, I don't think I quite worded some bits right.

Thanks to the CGP AQA AS-Level Physics Revision Guide for revision help and good Analogies for certain parts.

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Current, Potential Difference and Resistance


Current is the Rate of Flow of Charge!

Current can be represented
by this equation:

This equation should be included in the test paper.

But even's pretty obvious and simple.

If you haven't already guessed, the Coulomb is the Unit for Charge.…

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Everything has Resistance...eventually...!

If you put a P.D across an Electrical Component, a Current will flow.

The amount of Current given from a particular P.D depends on the resistance of the

There are Many conditions that influence the resistance of a Component. Here are

Temperature of the…


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