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What is an entrepreneur?
A person who takes the risk of organising and
operating a new business venture…read more

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What Motivates Entrepreneurs
More control over working life
Need a more flexible work schedule
Feel that skills are being waste and need to be
Want to escape an uninteresting job
Desire to pursue an interest/hobby
Want to prove yourself
Want to make a difference
To make money…read more

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Leadership Styles - Autocratic
Take decisions without consulting. Issues
orders and expects to be obeyed without
Pay is linked to production
Training is for getting skills needed by the
organisation not for personal satisfaction…read more

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Leadership styles - Democratic
Consults team before making decisions
Minimum supervision
Pay isn't completely based on output…read more

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Leadership styles ­ Laissez
Decisions left to those responsible for the
Allows freedom for employees to follow their
Busy and preoccupied, don't interfere with
Rarely exercise managerial control…read more

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Kara Munro


This resource has really helped me and my revision! need that push to get from my constant B's up to an A, do you have anything like this on unit 2?

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