Unit 1 - Cells Glossary - Key terms and definitions

All of the key definitions from the Unit 1 OCR module Cells

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Cells Glossary
MAGNIFICATION The number of times greater an image is than
the object
RESOLUTION The ability to distinguish two separate points as
distinct from each other
SPECIMENS The material being observed under microscope
MICROMETRE One micrometre is one millionth of a metre
NANOMETRE One nm is one thousand millionths of a metre
LIGHT MICROSCOPE Image produced can be viewed by visible light
ELECTRON MICROSCOPE An electron beam is used to produce an image
ORGANELLES Structure inside a cell. Each organelle has a
specific function
ULTRASTRUCTURE The detailed structure of the internal
components of cells as revealed by the electron
CYTOSKELETON The network of protein fibres and microtubules
found within the cell that gives structure and
responsibility for the movement of materials
FLAGELLA Also known as UNDULIPODIA, hair like
extensions that stick out from the surface of
cells (same as cilia)
VESICLES Membrane bound sacs found in cells. They are
used to carry many different substances around
VACUOLES Large cell vacuole maintains cell stability
NUCLEUS Largest organelle, consists of nearly all of the
cells genetic material
ENDOPLASMIC RETICULUM Rough ­ transports proteins
Smooth ­ involved in making lipids
GOLGI APPARATUS Receives and modifies proteins from ER,
packages them into vesicles for transportation
MITOCHONDRIA ATP is produced, generates energy for the cell
CHLOROPLASTS Found in plant cells, site for photosynthesis
LYSOSOMES Contain powerful digestive enzymes. Involved in
breakdown of materials
RIBOSOMES Site of protein synthesis within a cell
CENTRIOLES Take part in cell division, form spindle fibres
which move chromosomes in cell division
EUKARYOTE An organism having cells with a nucleus and
membrane-bound organelles

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EUKARYOTIC CELL Cells that have a nucleus inside a nuclear
envelope, and other membrane-bound
PROKARYOTE The only organisms with non-eukaryote
PROKARYOTIC CELL They are bacterial cells.…read more


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