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Self-esteem/ concept/ image
material items
time to socialise
income or benefits
clear examples
both sides of argument
well structured
little omissions
o Ceri is finding it extremely difficult to get a job as she has not worked for 15 years. She
needs a job to support herself and children.
Examine how employment affects the health and well-being of a family. (8 marks)
o Before retirement, Sam worked as a painter in a small firm; Tom worked as a senior lecturer
in the local university.
Explain how their different occupations might impact health and well-being. (6 marks)
o Examine how separation through employment might affect Cathy and Tony's relationship. (10
o Discuss how unemployment may have affected Paul's self- concept. (8 marks)
By being unemployed Paul's self- concept can be damaged as he would feel that he has a lower
importance or social respect to other people around him who can provide for themselves and maybe
family members. Paul wouldn't be able to afford material items and the latest fashion trends.
Because of this his self-concept could be damaged as he would feel lower to those around him and
like an outcast. He would feel insecure as people might be able to notice that he doesn't' have a job
there-fore his clothing and house could not be a good quality and might be old.
On the other hand, Paul could feel like his self- concept increases as he would have more time to
socialise with friends and meet new people; because of this his social status could increase and he
would feel more confident and better about himself. Paul would also have more time to do brain

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This can keep his brain active and then he
wouldn't feel like he is less smart than those working and he won't be bored without a job. This can
increase his self-concept as he is keeping active and not looking at the bad things. Paul can also
receive benefits from being unemployed and so he would be able to afford material items as well as
still provide for his family.…read more


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