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Politics Pressure Groups:

Pressure Group
Organised groups which try to influence a specific area of policy without seeking to hold power itself.

Insider Pressure Groups
Part of the decision making process within government.
Consulted regularly by government bodies
o NFU (National Farmers Union), RSPCA, NSPCC
Provide useful information & express…

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Politics Pressure Groups:

Pressure Group Functions
o Pressure groups look after the interests of sections of the public/community as a whole
National Farmers Union ­ worked with the government when there was foot and
Political Education
o Pressure groups seek to raise awareness among the public of politically…

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Politics Pressure Groups:

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Politics Pressure Groups:

Factors Affecting Success
o Governments usually respond to size as that effects their voters
Iraq War 2 million protesters
Government Support
o Conservatives ­ Countryside Alliance, large companies
o Labour ­ Trade Unions
o Funding political parties gains influence
Tory donor Lord Ashcroft asked about…


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