UK Flooding 2012

A description about the causes, effects and responses about the flooding throughout the year. With a specific case study on Exeter in Devon.

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2012 UK Floods
A series of low pressure systems steered by the Jet stream and extra tropical cyclones brought the
wettest April in 100 years, and flooding across Britain and Ireland. 27th and 28th June and 7th July,
heavy rain events occurred from powerful thunderstorms that gathered strength as they travelled
across Britain. The thunderstorms were the product of two fronts that collided over the British Isles ­
warm air travelling from the Azores and cold water-ladened air from the west. Other thunderstorms
were caused by a system travelling from Southern Europe, along with the warm humid air the UK had
seen in the run-up to the floods. Flooding during the autumn was caused by the most intense
September low since 1981, and in November was caused by even more heavy rains overwhelming
the saturated ground. The December flooding was caused by Low pressure area Nicki and Petra.
In the spring 50,000 were left without power in Northern England, nine tourists had to be rescued
from blizzards, a cargo ship ran aground, M62 motorway was disrupted, 5,000 homes in Wales were
without electricity as winds brought down trees. Flood warnings were in place across much of the UK
and a man died after a car became trapped.
In the summer the Thames Diamond Jubilee Pageant was effected by heavy rain. 46 people from the
boats were treated for the effects of cold weather. June 9th people were evacuated from 2 holiday
parks in Wales and 150 people saved from lifeboats. Flash flooding damaged properties and left
1,000 homes without power for several hours in Northern Ireland. June 28th 10 flood warnings and
47 alerts in place for England. Homes and businesses damaged. 23,000 properties left without
electricity in North-East England. Landslides were caused. July 7th Dorset police had 150 flood
warnings, evacuations of 180 houses and 400 incidents reported.
In the Autumn 570 homes and businesses were flooded in September. In October the search for April
Jones was hindered by flooded rivers. In November 300 properties were flooded in 24hours. A
series of fatalities occurred in the month due to flooding. In December parts of Devon were flooded
after the quay was overtopped and the railway line to Dawlish was disrupted.
The UK government announced on the 30th November that £120million of new funding would be
released to speed up building of 50 flood defences by Defra, prioritising schemes in Leeds city
centre, Sheffield, Exeter, Derby and Ipswich. The police had to handle many reports of flood related
incidents. The RNLI lifeboats helped evacuate residents in some areas.

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Exeter ­ Devon
Flooding in Exeter was caused by the river Exe bursting its banks. The flooding caused disruptions to
trains between Exeter, Taunton and Bristol Meads. A woman died in Exeter hospital after a tree fell
on her in Western Way causing serious injuries. There had been about 60mm of rain in 24hrs in
south-west England.
The December floods in Exeter were caused by rain returning to the south-west bringing flooding
and high river levels to areas already saturated by heavy downpours.…read more


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