UK Earthquakes

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Earthquake hits UK
Large parts of England and Wales
have been hit by an earthquake
measuring 4.8 on the Richter scale.
Buildings shook for up to 30 seconds
in parts of the West Midlands, Wales,
North Yorkshire, London, and
Wiltshire. The tremor began at 0053
BST and its epicentre was in Dudley
in the West Midlands. There was
minor structural damage as homes
were shaken, but no reports of any
injuries. Aftershocks were felt later on
Monday morning from what is thought
to be the UK's largest earthquake for
10 years.
How do we get earthquakes in the UK
The Earth under our feet has many faults caused by our turbulent geological past. Some of these
faults can be observed at the surface and mapped by geologists, others are hidden many kilometres
below the surface. These faults are places where earthquakes can occur. The driving forces for
earthquake activity in the UK are unclear however they include regional compression caused by
motion of the Earth's tectonic plates, and uplift resulting from the melting of the ice sheets that
covered many parts of Britain thousands of years ago.
UK earthquakes
(Richter scale
6.1 biggest ever
recorded, about
120km off Great
Yarmouth, 1931
5.4 biggest on land in
Lleyn, north Wales,
5.1 in Bishop's
Castle, Shropshire, in
4.2 in Warwick, Sept
4.1 shook Melton
Leicestershire, Oct
World's worst
recorded quakes
9.5 Chile 1960, killed
8.3 California 1906,
killed 3,000

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China 1976,
killed 240,000
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