UK Earthquake (February 2008)

CASESTUDY: The UK Earthquake (February 2008)

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  2. Causes
  3. Primary & Secondary Impacts
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Occurred at 1:00am.
5.2 magnitude
9 miles NE of the Lincolnshire
Lasted between 10-60 seconds.
Chimneys collapsed and injured
The earthquake happened because of
movement of a fault that is at a depth of
9 miles beneath Lincolnshire. The
earthquake resulted in structural damage
to many homes and businesses in the
epicenter area.
There were two fatalities.
The earthquake has been felt widely
across England, with reports of damage to
chimneys in the epicentre area.
Earthquakes of this size occur in the
mainland UK roughly every 30 years,
although are more common in offshore
areas. This is the largest earthquake in the
UK since the magnitude 5.4 ML Lleyn
Peninsula earthquake in 1984, which was
widely felt across England and Wales.
It was caused by the plate tectonic movement.


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