UK Elections 2015 and 2016

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2015 General Elections and 2016 Devolved Elections
2015 UK General Election statistics
58% of 1824 year olds voted in 2015, much higher than the 38% in 2005.
Highest turnout: Dunbartonshire East (81.9%)
Lowest turnout: Manchester Central (49.2%)
50% of voters actually supported alternative parties, and 707,147 Scottish
Labour voters, 434,097 Scottish Conservative voters, and 343,097 Scottish
Liberal Democrat voters, are now each represented by just a single MP.

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With only 36.9% of voters supporting the new Conservative government, the
vast majority of voters endorsed entirely different parties and policies. When
you factor in the 66.1% turnout, this means that just 24.4% of the public
voted for the new government.
The Electoral Reform Society criticised the fact that it was possible to
confidently predict the outcome of as many as 364 safe seats (over half of
seats were considered safe)
The Conservatives focused, in great detail, on their "long term economic
plan".…read more

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However, this still lagged behind Cameron, who
had a net approval of 0 (47% `performing well', 47% `performing badly').
The Liberal Democrats performed so badly in most constituencies that they
even lost their £500 deposits, which are not returned to candidates winning
under 5% of the vote. As a result, the party lost £170,000 across 340 seats.
Despite improvements, there is still obviously a lack of female representation
in Parliament, and with around one in ten voters being nonwhite, the 4.…read more

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Devolved Elections
Party Gains Losses Swing Swing
(Region) (Constitue
SNP 6 seats and Down 2.3% Up 1.1%
Conservative 16 seats and Up 10.6% Up 8.1%
official opposition
Labour 13 seats and Down 7.2% Down 9.2
official opposition
Scotland (AMS)
Party Vote Share Vote Share Seat Share Seat Share
(Region) (Constituency) (Region) (Constitue
SNP 41.7% 46.5% 7.1% 80.8%
Conservative 22.9% 22% 42.9% 9.6%
Labour 19.1% 22.6% 37.5% 4.1%
Party Gains Losses Swing (Region) Swing
Labour 1 seat and Down 5.4% Down 7.…read more

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Plaid Cymru 20.8% 20.5% 30% 15%
Conservative 18.8% 21.…read more


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