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-Uganda is a fertile and green country with plenty of resources like copper and
× Depending on low-valued primary products such as coffee and tea
× Earns little foreign money
× Receives limited tax revenues from its exports
× Idi Amin's military regime of the 1970s expelled the wealthy Asian
business community and exports collapsed
× Huge loans were used to buy military weapons
× Uganda's debt burden increased the in the 1980s and reached $19bn in
× During 1990s its annual debt repayments exceeded its export earnings
× HIV/ AIDS has reduced life expectancy
× 56% of the population is under 18, fertility rate is 6.3 and birth rate is
47.5 per 1000
× Uganda's girls and women still remain the poorest ­ women rarely own
land and are most likely to work as landless labourers when needed.
They gain respect by having many children even though mortality rates
are high.
Population- 31.6 million
HDI value- 0.514
Life expectancy at birth (years)- 51.9
Infant mortality per 1000 live births- 85
Adult literacy rate- 73.6%
% without electricity- 75%
Children underweight for age- 20%
People not using an improved water source- 36%
GDP per capita- 1,059
(HIPCare a group of 38 LDCs with the greatest poverty and debt. The 2
conditions to reduce debt were that the government had to demonstrate good
financial management and a lack of corruption, the money saved had to be
spent on poverty reduction, education and healthcare)
Cancellation of $1.5 billion of debt under the HIPC initiative is helping
Uganda to make progress:
Free primary education has been introduced- 5 million children extra
attend school
Nearly 10% more people have access to clean water
AIDS awareness and sex education have been made a priority
Improving roads and building up mobile phone networks are helping to
reduce the remoteness of some areas
Wildlife parks are beginning to earn much-needed overseas revenue as
tourism comes to Uganda
Production of bio-fuels is increasing as well as fair trade crops of tea and
coffee for export

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