Typhoon & Hurricane Case Studies

Includes information Basic Facts, Cuase Impacts & Internation Response. Data shown for 2 tropical storms

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Typhoon Vamei > December 2001
Basic Information
Winds in excess of 140 km/h
Passed between Malaysia and Borneo
150km north of the equator
In the zone storms should not exist
due to the coriolis effect.
A freak sequence of events that happens
every 400 years . A strong blast of air called a
monsoon surge . In December 2001 a winter
monsoon system with a cluster of thunder
storms happened in location of the monsoon
area which created the Typhoon.
No deaths or reported injuries
2 US Navy ships damaged
Air traffic disrupted in Singapore & Malaysia

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Hurricane Wilma > October 2005
Basic Information
Strongest hurricane ever in the Atlantic basin
A category 5 hurricane
Winds of up to 175mph
2 mile eye
200 miles of tropical storm strength winds
All time lowest central pressure
63 killed
$ 29.3 million damage
On October 13th an area of low pressure developed just south of Jamaica. By
October 15 the circulation centre became define enough for it to be
recognised by the National Hurricane centre.…read more


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