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Generic Software
e.g. word processing, spreadsheet and
database.…read more

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Word processor
Program or set of programs used to enter, edit, format,
store and print documents. A document may be anything
from a simple memo to a complete book.
Word processors have several important features:
­ Spelling and grammar checker
· Each word in a document can be checked against words held in the
package's dictionary.…read more

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Word processor (cont.)
­ Mail Merge
· A document and a list of names and addresses can be
merged to produce personalised letters.
­ Creation of templates
· with preset text styles, margins, formatting, letterheading,
etc.…read more

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Spreadsheet features
Format cells, rows and columns
­ specifying for example, the alignment of text, number of
decimal points, height and width of cell;
Copy cell contents to other locations
­ with automatic adjustment of formulae;
Determine effect of changes of data
­ this facility is termed `what-if' calculation;
Insert, move or delete rows and columns
Use functions
­ such as SUM, AVERAGE, MAX, MIN in formulae;…read more

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Spreadsheet features (cont.…read more

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Presentation Graphics
e.g. PowerPoint. Useful for putting together a
presentation which can be delivered using a
computer attached to a projection device.…read more

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Tips for creating a presentation
Start with a title screen to introduce the
Use a consistent style for each slide
Don't put more than 4 or 5 points on each
slide - people can't take in too much
information at once
Be sure the font size is large enough
to be read from all parts of the room…read more

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Web Browser
Shows a web page for which you have either
entered the URL or clicked on a `hot' link;
Browses back and forward;
`Bookmarks' pages for quick reference;
Keeps a `History' list of pages visited;
Saves pages for viewing off-line;
Shows animation sequences in Java script;
Plays back sound, video clips and multimedia;
Downloads files to a local hard disk;
Submits on-line forms by e-mail;
Allows access to some personal e-mail.…read more


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