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Generic Software
e.g. word processing, spreadsheet and
­ This simply implies that any of the dozens of
spreadsheet packages, for example, can be made
to do many different tasks, and is not designed
specifically for one type of application

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Word processor
Program or set of programs used to enter, edit, format,
store and print documents. A document may be anything
from a simple memo to a complete book.
Word processors have several important features:
­ Spelling and grammar checker
· Each word in a document can be checked against…

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Word processor (cont.)
­ Mail Merge
· A document and a list of names and addresses can be
merged to produce personalised letters.
­ Creation of templates
· with preset text styles, margins, formatting, letterheading,
­ WYSIWYG capability
· `What You See Is What You Get'

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Spreadsheet features
Format cells, rows and columns
­ specifying for example, the alignment of text, number of
decimal points, height and width of cell;
Copy cell contents to other locations
­ with automatic adjustment of formulae;
Determine effect of changes of data
­ this facility is termed `what-if' calculation;

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Spreadsheet features (cont.)
Create a simple database
­ and sort or query the data to produce report of, say, all
females earning over £20,000;
Write macros
­ to automate common procedures;
Create templates
­ spreadsheets with formats and formulae already entered,
into which new figures may be inserted;
Create `multi-dimensional'…

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Presentation Graphics
e.g. PowerPoint. Useful for putting together a
presentation which can be delivered using a
computer attached to a projection device.
­ slides with text, graphics and pictures
­ animation or sound effects
­ `transition' effects between slides

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Tips for creating a presentation
Start with a title screen to introduce the
Use a consistent style for each slide
Don't put more than 4 or 5 points on each
slide - people can't take in too much
information at once
Be sure the font size is large enough…

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Web Browser
Shows a web page for which you have either
entered the URL or clicked on a `hot' link;
Browses back and forward;
`Bookmarks' pages for quick reference;
Keeps a `History' list of pages visited;
Saves pages for viewing off-line;
Shows animation sequences in Java script;
Plays back sound,…


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