Types of research

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This is final section of the sociolgical research methods notes i have made.

There are 8 sections alltogether, in this order:

1)Research methods


3)Social surveys




7)Secondary sources

and 8) Types of research

Hope its ok and useful for you to revise from.


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Types of research

Life Histories
As their name suggest, life histories are accounts of people's lives which they tell to researchers.
Something of the flavour & significance of life histories can be obtained from a brief discussion of
Cheyenne Memories, the life history of John Stands in Timber (18841967) as…

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social survey. The case studies helped them identify key themes to explore in their survey, allowed them
to check their survey findings held true in particular schools, & added depth to their quantitative data.
Case studies have sometimes been criticised as limited & unrepresentative. Since they are oneoff
instances, they…

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The comparative method helps sociologists to investigate what causes what causes what. Eg,
Durkheim's study suggested that religion may be a factor affecting the suicide rate. His figures
indicated that the suicide rate for Protestants within particular societies was higher than the rate for
Catholics. The same applied to comparisons…


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