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Delegated Legislation

Parliament is the supreme legislative authority in this country. In other words it is the
supreme law making body. However, it passes on some of its authority to other bodies to
make laws on its behalf. This is known as delegation. Parliament delegates its powers
through a Parent…

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The second type of delegated legislation is bylaws. Here authority is given to local
authorities or to other public bodies (e.g. universities, utility companies, the National Trust)
to make laws for their area. For example, Rochdale Council is given authority by Parliament
to make rules (bylaws) over such matters as…

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(b) In 2003 a Privy Council meeting made an order that banned any dealings with
Usama Bin Laden, AlQai'da, and the Taliban. This gave effect to a United
Nations resolution to deal with the problems in Afghanistan.
(c) the fuel crisis in 2000, when authority was given to the army…


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