Types of Coastal Defenses

table of coastal defenses in a word document. It shows the advantages and disadvantages of each defence. Hope you like it!

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Sea Wall Concrete or rock barrier to the sea Up to £6 Effective at stopping Can be obtrusive
placed at the foot of cliffs or at the million per the sea and unnatural to
top of beaches. Has a curved face km (south Often has a walkway look at
to reflect the waves back into the sea zones) for people to walk Very expensive
sea and is usually 3-5 metres high.
along and has high
maintenance costs
Groynes Timber or rock structures built out £10,000 Result in a bigger Stopping LSD up
at sea from the coastline. They trap each (at beach, attracts more the beach, they
sediment being moved by LSD 200m tourists increase the rate
thereby enlarging the beach. The intervals) of erosion
longer beach acts as a buffer to the
Provides useful following the
incoming waves, reducing wave
attack at the coast. structures for people piece of land
interested in fishing Groynes are
unnatural and rock
Not too expensive groynes in
particular places
can be
Rock Armour Approximat Relatively cheap and Can be expensive
ely £1,0000 easy to maintain to get from
- £4,000 per Can provide a good abroad
metre fishing area
They do not fit in
with local geology
Can be obtrusive
Beach The addition of sand or shingle to Approximat Relatively cheap and Needs constant
Nourishment an existing beach to make it higher ely £3,000 easy to maintain maintenance
or broader. Usually bought onshore per metre unless structures
by barge Blends in with existing are built to retain
beach and can attract the beach
more tourism
Dune Sand dunes are effective buffers Approximat Maintains a natural Time-consuming
Regeneration but they are damaged easily ely £2,000 coastline environment to plant the
especially when trampled on. per 100 Relatively cheap marram and fence
Fencing the areas where dunes metre off areas
have been rebuilt can save money
Peoples actions
and time.
may vary due to
prohibited areas.
Can be damaged
by storms
Marsh Creation This involves allowing low lying Depends on A cheap option Land will be lost as
(managed coastal areas to be flooded be the value of compared with it is flooded by
retreat) sea to become a salt marsh. Salt land. Arable maintaining expensive sea water
marshes are an effective barriers to land costs sea defences that Farmers or
the sea. somewhere
landowners will
in the region

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£5000 - might be protecting need to be
£10000 per low value land. compensated for
hectare. Creates a wide variety moving houses
and for it being
flooded.…read more


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