Turning to crime, upbringing, written in a special way for my special friends ;)

Why do people get all nasty and do bad stuff? 

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Why do people get all nasty and do bad stuff? (turning to crime)
Aims ­ Farrington wanted to write down all the bad things people did from when they were
little to when they were grown ups. He also wanted to know if stuff that happened in their
life (risk and protective factors) would be able to guess the bad things they would do. He
also wanted to find out if you could get wanting to do crimes from your family
(intergenerational transmission).
Design It went on for a long time (a prospective longitudinal study). In the latest report the
boys were 48 and we found out stuff about them by looking at their criminal records and
talking to them.
Participants ­ The people in the study were 411 lovely little boys. They were born in 1953/4
(which makes them older than my dad now ­ that's pretty old) but they were aged 8 and 9
when Farrington met them. They went to 6 different schools and the came from where
Eastenders is filmed, they probably knew Pat, she'spretty old too. They were mostly white
working class which basically means their mummys and daddys had jobs and they weren't
kings or lords or anything.
By the time they had grown up and got to age 48 some of them had died (probably got
shanked by dirty den or something), that meant there was only 394 out of the 411 left. And
only 93 % of the ones left said they would talk to Farrington anymore (be interviewed).
Selected Results ­
When the lovely little boys were grown ups (aged 48), 161 of them weren't lovely
any more because they had criminal records.
When the boys were 17 this is when they did the most bad stuff. The worst thing I
did when I was 17 was accidentally murder a seagull with my car and that wasn't
even my fault.
If the boys started being bad when they were little (aged 1013) they were more
likely to be bad again at least once (91% were reconvicted). If they started being
naughty when they were little they usually did about 9 crimes but if they started when
they were teenagers (1416) they only did about 6 crimes, probably because they
had less time, makes sense really.
When Farrington asked them if they had done any bad things 93% of them said they
had at some point, and I thought they were such lovely boys. At least some of them
were smart enough to not get caught though.

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A little group of the boys (7%) were called `chronic offenders'. This meant that they
were reaaaally bad and they were usually bad from age 14 ­ 35 and then they
settled down a bit.
Most of these really bad boys had the same sort of things happen to them when they
were growing up.…read more

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One person out of eight was reported or caught for their last crime, big well done to
the police there? Should get Gene Hunt on the case, just sayin'.
If you are bad enough to do crimes and stuff then you'll probably do drugs too.
Conclusions ­ According to Wikstrom (I'm not sure Tafel actually contributed much, to be
honest), there are 3 different groups that teenagers that do crimes can be sorted in to.…read more


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