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Why do people get all nasty and do bad stuff? (turning to crime)


Aims ­ Farrington wanted to write down all the bad things people did from when they were
little to when they were grown ups. He also wanted to know if stuff that happened in their

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A little group of the boys (7%) were called `chronic offenders'. This meant that they
were reaaaally bad and they were usually bad from age 14 ­ 35 and then they
settled down a bit.

Most of these really bad boys had the same sort of things happen to them…

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One person out of eight was reported or caught for their last crime, big well done to
the police there? Should get Gene Hunt on the case, just sayin'.
If you are bad enough to do crimes and stuff then you'll probably do drugs too.

Conclusions ­ According to Wikstrom…


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