turning to crime, cognition, written in a very simple way for my special friends

studies written very simply :)

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Why do people get all nasty and do bad stuff? (turning to crime)
Yochelson and Samenow
They wanted to find out if baddies think differently to goodies. The experiment lasted for 14
Aims ­
1. To understand the make ­ up of the criminal personality. This does not mean to find
out the most popular shade of lipstick worn in prison, although I'm sure that does
happen, I'm not here to judge.
2. To find out how to fix peoples personalities so they don't want to do crimes
3. To help people find out about being responsible for the bad things you do.
4. to find out ways of stopping criminals doing bad things.
Participants ­ There were 255 men who were different races (black and white) and came
from all different backgrounds, they lived in different places like in the country or the city and
some were rich and some were poor. Half of the participants were in a mental hospital
because they said they were crazy and that's why they did the crimes and half of the
participants were in prison because they weren't and they were just mean.
Methodology ­ They asked them lots of questions and talked to them over a long time.
Selected findings ­
Yochelson and Samenow said that criminals...
Were always grumpy (restless and irritable)
When they were at school they thought their teachers and parents only asked them
to do stuff to inconvenience them and make them annoyed.
They want to do exciting stuff all the time and they don't care if it upsets other
They are always angry
They don't care about anyone but themselves
They are rubbish at making decisions
Only 30 men did all of the interviews which were supposed to make them be good but it
only actually worked on 9 of them. They copied some of the stuff Freud came up with to
try and fix them and they thought that if they found out why they were bad then this would
make them good.

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Yochelson and Samenow found that there were about 52 different ways that bad people
thought about stuff. They didn't know if only criminals thought like that though because they
didn't have a control group which was a bit silly really.
Kohlberg thought Piaget was a bit of a babe and liked his ideas about what happens to
children as they grow up. He wanted to find out about how kids' morals change as they got
older.…read more

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im loving the humour!


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