Turner's Syndrome and Klinefelter's Syndrome

notes on Turner's and Klinefelter's syndrome for gender development

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Turner's Syndrome Klinefelter's Syndrome
Physical Short stature ­ after 3 years old will begin to fall The testes and the penis of the boy are small ­ later
Characteristics behind their peers ­ maximum height 5 ft, although 4 in life a marked disturbance of sexual function
ft 8 is more normal Breast development ­ feminine
Fertility ­ non-development of ovaries ­ unable to Tall stature - the body proportions are
conceive disproportionate
Heart ­ more likely to suffer from co-arctation Body hair ­ usually scanty in boys ­ normal pubic,
(narrowing) of the aorta axillary and chest hair fails to appear and daily
Eyes ­ either long-sight or short-sight is common shaving is rarely necessary
Ears ­ often suffer frequently from otitis media Diabetes and thyroid problems ­ more common in
Thyroid function ­ higher incidence than normal of boys and men with Klinefelter's syndrome
hypothyroidism due to lymphocytic thyroiditis
Psychological Intelligence ­ usually normal but some may have Mental abilities ­ often at the low end of normal
Characteristics specific learning difficulties Verbal skills seem to be especially affected
Spatial difficulties Psychological difficulties ­ due to the unusual sexual
Mathematical difficulties characteristics

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