Truman Doctrine and Marshall Plan

A presentation about the Truman Doctrine and the Marshall Plan and also Stalin's response to it. I have also included a slide about how the two affected the Cold War; this should help with the 15mark questions which often ask about events and how they created tension/threatened peace etc.

Hope it is useful:)

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Truman Doctrine and Marshall
The West's response to Stalin's
Actions…read more

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Stalin and Eastern Europe
· By 1948, the only two eastern European
countries that did not have Communist
governments were Greece and
· These countries were not the only two that
were susceptible to Communist take over;
France and Italy were also vulnerable.…read more

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Truman Doctrine
· This was Harry Truman, the American
President's idea to stop any further spread of
Communism in Europe. This idea was his
· The idea was that USA would provide money,
advice and equipment to countries vulnerable
to Communism…read more

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Marshall Plan/ Aid
· Truman believe that Communism succeeded
when people faced poverty and hardship.
· The American General, George Marshall was
sent to Europe to assess it's economic state.
He found a ruined economy.
· European countries owed $11.5 billion to the
USA. There was a great shortage of goods;
most countries were still rationing bread.…read more

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Was it a success?
-$17billion helped restore struggling economies.
-All countries which received aid benefitted e.g.
production rose beyond pre-war levels
- Stopped Communism from spreading to
Greece, western Germany, France etc.…read more

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Was is a success?
- A major failure in Czechoslovakia: it accepted
aid at first however due to Communist
pressure it became a Communist country.
- Some American citizens were unwilling to pay
extra tax
- Stalin didn't like it. He saw it as a spread of
Capitalism in Europe. Led to Berlin Blockade?…read more

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