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Lecture 11: Biotechnology

Crown gall tissue forms
only at wound sites

Wound response - limited
activation of cell division
[secretion of phenolic

· Grows even after
antibiotic treatment
to kill the

· Bacteria do not need
to be continuously present to cause their effect

· Crown gall cells…

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Transformed tissue Proliferative tissue without transformation
Grow in the absence of exogenous hormones Require both auxin and cytokinins
Contain high levels of auxins and cytokinins Contain low levels of endogenous auxins and
Synthesize opines Do not synthesize opines

Transgenic plants

Plant cells are totipotent

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Cloned genes can be introduced into somatic tissue and entire plant regenerated with
hormonal treatments

Agrobacterium tumefaciens naturally infects plant cells and causes tumors (T37 in practicals)

o Contains Ti plasmid that integrates into host chromosome

o Codes for plant growth hormones that form crown gall tumor

Ti plasmid modified…


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