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Main Strategies to manage
hazards such as tropical Storms.
by Ben Hancox…read more

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· Means being Protection
· Evacuation Plans mean that the Emergency Service can be
put on full alert.
· Building Design: construction of homes or buildings in
`Cyclone Prone' areas.
· Cyclone Drills are practiced, especially in Schools and Large
· Land use Planning: identifying areas of high risk and
construction of storm shelters. (Bangladesh)
· Sea Walls, Flood Barriers, Breakwaters and Systems of hard
engineering constructed. E.g. Seawall in Galvesson Texas.
· Daily Weather Reports for general public.…read more

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· They cannot be prevented due to the force of
· Precipitation can be altered by `Cloud Seeding',
which is distributing Silver Nitrate in clouds for
water droplets to combine with.
· If the Cyclone is forced to release more of it's
water over the sea, then it will be weakened over
· Concerns have been expressed over the effects on
the global energy system and as a consequence
this method is rarely used.…read more

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Cloud Seeding…read more

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· Monitoring and Warning Systems ­ Geostationary
· 24 hour/365 day surveillance
· Use of weather aircraft and Computer Modelling to
predict possible weather patterns.
· All US coasts have evacuation plans based on
· Belize ­ Tropical Storm Warning System Links to US
(FEMA ­ Federal Emergency Management Agency)
· Bangladesh ­ 1997 evacuation allowed for 300,000 to
evacuate before cyclone hit.…read more

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