Tropical Rainforests GCSE Powerpoint AQA

A powerpoint highlighting the key points for GCSE AQA Geography TRFs. The main resource was from my teacher however I wrote up the notes in a form of a powerpoint while I also interpretted and changed how it was worded. Hope it helps :)

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Where are tropical rainforest
· Between the tropics of Cancer and Capricorn
· Most found between 5 degrees north or south of
the Equator
· The largest rainforest:
­ Found in South America
­ Called the Amazon
· Other areas of Rainforest:
­ The Congo in Africa is on the Equator
­ South-East Asia
­ Northern Australia…read more

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TRF Climate
· Around 2,000mm of rain per year
· Temperatures:
­ Fairly constant
­ Range between 25-30 degrees centigrade
· They have no real seasons (known as an
equatorial climate) and little variation in
weather conditions day to day…read more

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What affects the climate?
· Temperatures:
­ The sun is always at a high angle in the sky
­ The concentration of heat from the sun is smaller
­ The sun's heat also doesn't have to pass through
as much atmosphere therefore less heat is lost
· Rainfall:
­ The high rainfall- due to convection rainfall (next
slide)…read more

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Convectional rainfall
1. The ground is heated and the water is evaporated
from the ground and trees
2. This rises and cools which causes condensation
3. Cumulus clouds (white & fluffy) form in the
4. These cumulus clouds turn into cumulonimbus (dark
& grey) storm clouds
5. Heavy rain falls from these clouds each afternoon
6. The sky clears by the evening and the process repeats
itself the next day…read more

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How does the climate affect the
· Because of the hot and humid conditions in
TRF, plants grow all year round. The rainforest
contains the most luxuriant vegetation in the
whole world
· The TRPs are home to around 2/3s of all plant
and animal species in the world…read more

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Mr A Gibson


Someone has gone to a lot of trouble to create this very comprehensive goldmine of information for rainforests. A really good resource.

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