Tropical Rainforest - Sustainable Management & Case Study

Key Points about the impacts of deforestation: Social, Environmental, Economic

Alternatives to deforestation: Education, Protection, Eco-tourism, etc.

Case Study of the Amazon Rainforest

I have found so many useful resources on this website, and wanted to give something back - thanks to everyone who has posted their revision notes/powerpoints/cards, etc on here! 

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Geography Revision TROPICAL RAINFOREST Living World



Farming ­ Forest is cleared to set up subsistence farms or larger cattle ranches. `Slash and burn'
technique is often used to clear the forest.
Mineral Extraction ­ Minerals such as gold and iron ore are mined and…

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Geography Revision TROPICAL RAINFOREST Living World
This is less damaging to the environment than outright felling, as the overall structure of the forest is
maintained; i.e. the canopy is still in place, so the forest can regenerate and be used in the future
In addition, instead of using trucks to…

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Geography Revision TROPICAL RAINFOREST Living World


Ecotourism is tourism which does not harm the environment, and benefits local people
Ecotourism provides a source of income for local people ­ they can act as guides, provide accommodation
and transport, etc.
This means logging and farming are relied on less to…

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Geography Revision TROPICAL RAINFOREST Living World



Habitat destruction has increased the number of endangered species in Brazil from 218 in 1989 to 628 in 2008
The Amazon stores around 100 billion tonnes of carbon; deforestation will release some o this as carbon
dioxide, which contributes to global warming…


Mr A Gibson


Detail, detail and detail. You need this and you will get it from these notes which cover pretty much every aspect of how this topic relates to rainforests.



Thanks ilysm remember you're helping the world:)



No help whatsoever, nothing on what actually makes it sustainable

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