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Tropical Rainforest
The tropical rainforest is the most biodiverse and productive biome on our planet but the
most fragile. They are the most productive biome with a net primary production of 2,200

Rainforests cover only 6 % of the Earth's surface but
yet they contain more than 1/2…

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This is a result of the heating of part of the
Tropical Rainforests have distinctive climates. Earth's surface, caused by the concentrated
insolation from the overhead sun
Hot and wet year round ­ little seasonal variation
This leads to heating of the air lying on that…

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As many as 30 million species of plants and animals live in tropical rainforests. They have the
highest biodiversity and are believed to contain half the worlds gene pool.

Plants (Flora)

Plants are adapted to the heavy rainfall - they have thick, waxy
leaves with pointed tips (called drip-tips).…

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Camouflage is an important way of avoiding predation for some animals e.g. leaf-tailed geckos are
the same colour and texture as tree bark. Predators are also camouflaged to help them hunt e.g.
tigers' stripes make them less visible in the shadows

Some animals are adapted to the low light conditions…


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