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Rachel Jones 1
Chapter 9

War, Disorder and Succession
War and its impact

The continuing war against Spain

Defeat of the Spanish Armada was not the end of the war with Spain
o Dragged on for 16 years
o Fought at sea off western Europe and the Caribbean and on…

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Rachel Jones 2
Chapter 9

Scheme was overambitious, underresources and contradictory
Crown was a minor participant in this naval warfare mostly undertaken by private vessels
o No fewer than 236 vessels operated from 1589 to 1591
1589: Expedition led by Earl of Cumberland and Martin Frobisher profited and damaged Spanish…

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Rachel Jones 3
Chapter 9

Little had been achieved at very great cost place of the Elizabethan `sea dogs' in national mythology had
been firmly entrenched

War in France

Assassination of King Henry III of France coincided with the return of the fleet from the Armada
o Succession crisis surrounding…

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Rachel Jones 4
Chapter 9

The Pale was a small anglicised part of the island around Dublin, under the control of a Lord Deputy appointed
by the Crown and with a representative parliament
The south was under the control of AngloIrish noble families (Fitzgeralds and the Butlers), the rest dominated…

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Rachel Jones 5
Chapter 9

o Day to day foreign policy was handled by Principal Secretary
Received reports from English agents abroad
Problems of communication made a regular flow of quality information difficult
Privy Council occasionally consulted about foreign affairs
o Wernham: did this in Dec 1559 before intervening in…

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Rachel Jones 6
Chapter 9

The Essex Rebellion

Sept 1599: Essex deserted his post, returned to the Court and burst into the Queen's bedchamber
o Charged in the Star Chamber and suspended from Privy Council and his offices and kept under house
o A charge of treason was laid…

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Rachel Jones 7
Chapter 9

o He dealt with it very carefully and Cecil smoothed his path to the throne
o Elizabeth refused to name a successor right up to the end no conclusive proof that she signified
James' succession on her deathbed
Feb 1603: Queen's final illness evident

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Rachel Jones 8
Chapter 9



England was in a much better position than it had been at the start of her 45 year reign
Crown had been strengthened but could not rule without the governing classes
National unity…




This is a very detailed but clearly set out document with key information about foreign wars, rebellions and the succession question during the reign of Elizabeth I. Highly recommended.

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