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Rachel Jones 1
Chapter 7

Foreign Relations
The Netherlands and England's foreign relations

The fate of the Netherlands dominated Elizabeth's thinking brought about the deterioration in
AngloSpanish relations, culminating in fullscale war
Wernham: Elizabeth followed a consistent and ultimately successful policy towards the Netherlands
o Her policy was founded on…

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Rachel Jones 2
Chapter 7

Couldn't let either France or Spain rule the Netherlands
Compromise: hiring a mercenary army to fight on rebels' behalf
Rebels came divided negated policy that assumed they were united
Susan Doran: Elizabeth's policy was in `disarray'
o Elizabeth alienated the Spanish while having done nothing…

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Rachel Jones 3
Chapter 7

With the English present, the Dutch could not come to any peace agreement with the Spanish
Underhand deal with Parma Dutch felt abandoned
o Philip could exploit the divisions between England and the Netherlands affected Armada strategy
Fortunate that the Netherlands would still support her…

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Rachel Jones 4
Chapter 7

Suspicious so only agreed on the condition that Elizabeth and Anjou marry politically
o Elizabeth backed Anjou's expedition by herself he was offered sovereignty by the Estates General
Elizabeth had allowed her affection to cloud her judgement
Expedition was a disaster
Anjou attempted a…

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Rachel Jones 5
Chapter 7

The threat of invasion

1584: Relations worsened but war was still not inevitable
Treaties of Joinville and Nonsuch made war more likely both anxious to pull back from the brink
War more likely when Philip seized all English ships and goods in Spanish ports and…

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Rachel Jones 6
Chapter 7

Philip had convinced himself that he was doing God's work and despite the Pope's scepticism, that he was
engaged in a Catholic crusade


Adam Longland


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