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Rachel Jones 1
Chapter 5

Defending against internal and external enemies, 157188: Crown, government and
The political authority of Elizabeth I

The role of ministers and factions

Lord Burghley

William Cecil remained the most influential of Elizabeth's ministers
Becoming Lord Treasurer made it easier no longer had to deal…

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Rachel Jones 2
Chapter 5

Problem of succession became critical in 1579 when Elizabeth was contemplating marriage to Francois, Duke
of Anjou
o Elizabeth declared capable of having a child
o The failure of these negotiations removed this possibility
Problem still remained

Relations between Crown and Parliament

Dates Reason (s)…

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Rachel Jones 3
Chapter 5

Regional government and border administration

Regional government was only in the North and the Welsh border
o Arose due to distance from London
o Perception that these were lawless areas which needed more governing to be in control

The Council of Wales and the Marches…

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Rachel Jones 4
Chapter 5

o Exercises supervision over county government
o Had power to fine JPs for neglecting their duties
Important communication between the Crown and leaders of county government
o Privy Council used the assize judges to pass on instructions and advice

Lords Lieutenant

Person responsible under the…

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Rachel Jones 5
Chapter 5

Link between county and parish government was the high constable responsible for a division of a county,
had powers of arrest and executing writes sent to him by JPs and sheriffs
Parish constable elected by peers for a year
o Could arrest suspected criminals


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